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over 45 years of experience as a peer counselor and life coach

To save as many couples from divorce as possible. To have Peace, Love and Understanding in the family. That children not be brought into adult issues where they feel guilty or blamed. Bridging the gap in communication within one's peers.

my Story

Coming from a family of 9 plus my parents; i always wondered why my mother favored my sister and did not treat us equal. It took me 30 years of pain to understand and put to good reason why. 

Even though i did everything to get the best of her love, it wasn't easy for me. I didn't understand my mother, yet she anchored me to do everything for her because she knew i could do it at a young age. not realizing the damage she was doing to my heart that i still carry today.

my Mission

I feel great to go on in life in a powerful manner. My mission is to help couples and families to learn to love, communicate and have peace amongst each other.

my Vision

To reach as many individuals hurting whether it be an adult or a teen or a child. To clear their heart of pain and learn how to move forward in a patient, loving, peaceful and powerful manner.